The catalyst became shallow. I saw her baring it all to me and I never thought it would be through your peripheral. You’re so bashful. You keep her close to your heart because you know that she could be the baboom that powers a pacemaker. Goddamn. I like her because we huff to the same frequencies, and her disasters reside on her tongue too? I wonder what that tongue can do. She’s got artwork tripping along her spreadsheet and she presents it like I’m at her board meeting. Her smile is a taste bud that my mind waters from. I want to kiss her solitude and make up for each time you don’t make up to her. You don’t make love to her because it hasn’t loved you yet. The second I fiddle with her intellect, she’ll forget you ever existed. You’ll be calling out our infringements, and I’ll be laughing because you missed it.

Jade Brown