12:42 Seen

Writing Prompt inspiried by MiCasaWriter’s collective. Create a dialogue between two people in poem format.

Me: Can you fight the sun?

Him: . . .

Me: I’m stretching for gold here and teleporting through magma just to get a bit of reaction from you.

Him: I don’t know what you’re saying.

Me: I think you do. I’m almost too shot to bleed and I think teardrops are starting to clot holes in me.

Him: I’m not the excuse for your disintegration.

Me: And my body was never your personal invasion but I still allowed you to break down pavements inside.

Him: I thought you said you didn’t mind? You also said you liked being tied down…

Me: Oh, so we’re making jokes now?

Him: You swelter in romantic repression. I can’t give you a fraction of the affection you require.

Me: This isn’t a job interview, I’m not trying to hire you.

Him: You could’ve proved me wrong.

Me: My breath can’t correlate with the feelings I possess.

Me: My thoughts want to run to you but my body can only rest.

Him: I’m sorry but this is getting a little weird and a little too deep.

Me: Just imagine how I felt when you were in me.

Jade Brown