A Wish I Made Once

You smell like modelo beer and a wish I made once. If I stare too long, it could hurt you and cause this numb feeling to shed. Let’s not do that. We both know how long we can hold our breath, especially when we’re stranded. If I mouth the words will you understand me the first time? It hurts to not like you. It hurts to sit on the opposite sides of a wish I made once. I called you by your first name in my head but all that came out was the grime that slid off your feet the first time you walked away. No, I don’t hate. I make up stories about people in love with people that will never love them, who love the thought of anyone else but the person who loves the hardest. How can it be fiction if parts of me aren’t stuffed within it? I used to love the way your heart beats when I’m on top of it, even when I stopped it. 

Jade Brown