To My Allies (A Dedication to My Friends)

To my willing allies, my confidence muddled up in a everlasting phone wire, my attire coordinators. I love you. You stay tuned to my ongoing rants about the men I can’t stand and the women I stand for. You are bravery, swinging from an entrance decorated with open arms. A smile when I forget one. A while when I just need some time and even then I can’t get enough of you. You are the stash of tissues in my pocket because tears don’t pick a time or place, they just run. You are the characters I try to create in my books but never come close to because it’s hard to replicate you. You are the understanding that comes from a quick glance. A high five before we get the chance to celebrate. You are celebration. You are elation. And I’ve been elated ever since I met you.

Jade Brown