I Can Appreciate White Women Too

Yeah I stared at her. She had a compact mirror that buried itself in shattered rainbow glass decor. The mirror was so large that whenever the train would jerk forward, she had to restart her eyeliner. The charcoal line started off as a shy bird trying to take flight. At times the bird spread its wings so wide I swear it could wipe a tear from her cheek if it wanted to. She was pleased with herself. She backed up batting her eyelashes at her own sight, she’s kinda sexy but not really my type at all. I recognized her lipstick as she pulled it out, I don’t know brand names but I recalled the structure of the cylindrical tube. I can’t afford something like that. She carefully planted two dots on both her lips and began to swish. Every guy on the train allowed their peripheral to sway. I looked away because I didn’t want to be part of the crowd. Three songs shuffled passed and my eyes went back to her. Complete. Taking one last look at herself in the mirror, her lips escaped and her teeth emerged into a smile.

Jade Brown