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On the flip side of being a hopeless romantic, there is no one who will love you just as much. Even when you just enjoyed waking up next to someone. They’re gone before your dreams of them could transfigure into words. So you just say bye. Count the days till the next time and in your mind you’ve already planned the next time out. Next time doesn’t come. Now you wake up at 3am, checking nothing but notifications on your phone and maybe they were too busy to notify you that this was done. You can’t sleep now. You’re up late spewing self affirmations that you’ll have a hard time recalling in the morning. You want to get a drink but you don’t want to go alone, so you think about texting them but remember that this is done. You look at your window and notice the sun perched up against your wall, begging for you to come outside.

Jade Brown