Jade’s favorite animal is the chicken, as she likes to say, “they are fun to pick up and they are a great source of protein.”

Jade grew up with no cable but was always surrounded by looseleaf paper. She still blames herself for not having cable but that’s for a different About Me. She decided to create her own entertainment by constructing characters and putting them in outrageous scenarios. Jade has always held a keen interest in people and individuality. She starts her writing process off by inventing different people with elaborate backgrounds, and from there she begins the plot.

Jade began writing poetry at the age of 8 during an art class she didn’t want to participate in, so the teacher gave her the option to write a poem. Little Jade discovered her passion for figurative language and decided to pursue it further. She began competing in poetry slams at the age of 11 and soon realized that she hates competitive poetry. Jade finds beauty in the odd and forgotten. She lives by a quote that her dear friend with Asperger Syndrome once said,

“When I think about a person I miss, a woman, I don’t think about the usual like her smile or her eyes. I think about the way her bow would sit in her hair and it was never perfect. I find that beautiful. That’s what it’s like to have aspergers.”

Now Jade finds innovative ways to use words as not just a string of rhythmic patterns, but a delineation of verbal art.